Wikidata + Citoid = <3

Talk by Marielle Volz


What is citoid?

  • Restful API/webscraper that returns metadata given an identifier (typically URL, can do QID, full citation, PMID etc).
  • Publically available at!/Citation/getCitation
  • Optimised towards traditional citation styles (MLA, APA, Chicago).
  • Currently used to generate citation templates on some Wikipedias.
  • Returns JSON: all values are strings

Sample request

    "url": "",
    "itemType": "bookSection",
    "place": "Heidelberg",
    "publisher": "Physica-Verlag HD", 
    "pages": "97–111",
    "title": "On Implementation of the Markov Chain Monte Carlo Stochastic Approximation Algorithm",
    "bookTitle": "Advances in Directional and Linear Statistics",
    "date": "2010-09-27",
    "ISBN": [ "9783790826272", "9783790826289"],
    "language": "en",
    "abstractNote": "The Markov Chain Monte Carlo Stochastic Approximation Algorithm (MCMCSAA) was developed to compute estimates of parameters with incomplete data. In theory this algorithm guarantees convergence to the...",
    "accessDate": "2018-10-09",
    "author": [
      ["Yihua", "Jiang"],
      ["Peter", "Karcher"],
      ["Yuedong", "Wang"]
    "DOI": "10.1007/978-3-7908-2628-9_7",
    "source": [ "Crossref", "citoid"]

Knowledge Integrity: Citing sources on wikidata


  • How nested the reference is depends on item type.
  • De-duplication depends on item type.
  • When is the source the website itself rather than object it's about?

Traditional reference

Jiang, Y., Karcher, P., & Wang, Y. (2010). "On Implementation of the Markov Chain Monte Carlo Stochastic Approximation Algorithm." Advances in Directional and Linear Statistics edited by Martin T. Wells. Physica-Verlag HD, pp. 97–111.

Structured references

Flat reference

Two layers


Two layers


Three layers


Three layers


Three layers


Four layers?

Passage and page level citations


Katie Filbert's "autofill" tool

Original tool:

Fork with more features:

To enable, add this to your common.js:

	mw.loader.using(['wikibase'], function() {
		$.getScript( '', function() {
			var citeTool = new wb.CiteTool( '' );
  • Flat / two layer references
  • Does not create new items.


Please visit this RFC!

Referencing websites: How do we store the website title?


Design wikibase / wikidata format for citoid

phab: T208213

Create ability for users to create new items as needed for references easily.